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The funny stuff my girlfriend says

We’ve only dated for about 3 months, and I am still discovering certain quirkiness about her.  But one thing that I’ve noticed from the start is that she loves to laugh.  She is easily amused, and laughs at almost everything, that is one of the many things I love about her.  She is so optimistic, like a ray of sunshine, it really brightens my day every time I hear her laugh.

At the same time, she can sometime make me laugh so hard I could barely breath.   For instance, tonight we just came back from an expensive Korean BBQ dinner, filled to the brim.  Full as I was, I still wanted to show her the Michael Jackson dance moves I learned earlier on youtube, which ended with me hugging my stomach, panting on the couch, looking like I was gonna throw up, while she was laughing her ass off and asking “Are you okay baby?”.

Then she said “Don’t throw up baby, that food was expensive!”

The both of us busted out laughing hysterically, realizing the absurdity of it.  We laughed so hard it hurted … I managed a “yea!  It was 153 kuai!” before another round of laughter hit us and we were rolling all over the couch hugging our stomachs trying to breath.

Another time, we had a couple of friends over for movie night.  One of the friends was getting sick, and was sneezing and coughing throughout the movie.  At one point, my girlfriend grabbed a half eaten tangerine that the sick friend had touched, peeled off a piece, and offered it to me.

“I don’t want it baby.”  I said, so  she plopped it in her mouth instead.  I said “Now you’re going to get sick because Jojo had touched it.  She laughed and said in a mocking tone, “well now you can’t kiss me because you will get sick too.”  She then moved as if to kiss me, and I covered my mouth with my hand.  “Mmno!”

“Come on baby!”  She made to try to kiss me some more but I dodged her until she finally gave up.

“Aww,” I said.  “Looks like we are not going to be able to kiss tonight.”

Then she said “I know baby!  You can put a condom on your mouth!”

It took us a second.  Then the image of me with a condom covering my mouth and she trying to kiss me was too much, and the two of us exploded laughing uncontrollably hugging each other for support.   We laughed for a few minutes straight!  I couldn’t stop thinking of the ridiculous image!  Our two friends were wondering what the heck was wrong with us.  I mean, we were like dying from lack of breath.

And the thing is, she is not even trying to be that witty.  Most of the times it seems she doesn’t realize what she had said until after she said it, and then realizing how absurd or funny it was, starts laughing like crazy at her own joke.  It’s really hilarious.  And I can’t help but to laugh with her, because it is so contagious.

Moments with fits of laughter are worth remembering, I am going to try to jot them down so I don’t forget.  Thanks to my hilarious girlfriend, the inadvertent clown, one of the wittiest people I’ve ever met even if she doesn’t realize it herself.

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I was like who the heck is noodles!? for a second before remember your nick name, oh sexy golden beauty of Xian past. Why are you browsing FB and reading blog posts? Get back to work slacker!

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