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Rally Location

Jon Stewart announced the official location of the rally a few days ago, and it’s not at the Washington Monument as we previously assumed. It’s going to be on the east end of the Mall, with the Capitol Building as the backdrop. Here’s the video, Jon always cracks me up.

The Daily Show – Rally Location

Here is another map I whipped up using GoogleMaps. I circled the stations with the colors of the metro lines that can get you there.

Also, to give you a brief idea of how much it’ll cost and the time it’ll take to ride the metro, I looked up the fare and time it takes from the furthest stations of each line. The estimation is to the Smithsonian station, but other destinations near the mall will cost you about the same fare and time to get there.

Estimates are calculated from  Note, times listed are travelling time and does not include time waiting for trains.

Vienna/Fairfax-GMU:  $2.75 – 32 minutes
Franconia/Springfield: $2.75 – 38 minutes
Hungtington: $2.15 – 37 minutes
Branch Ave: $2.15 – 19 minutes
Morgan Blvd: $2.15 – 23 minutes
New Carollton: $2.75 – 25 minutes
College Park: $2.15 – 33 minutes
Wheaton: $2.75 – 35 minutes
Rockville: $2.75 – 41 minutes

Below are a few images of the area to give you a rough idea of what it’s going to be like at that location.

The last image was of the Million Mom march (borrowed from member PATyler from the Daily Show forums:

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Thank you so much for all of your tips and advice. Can you tell me one more thing though? How early can/should we get there to get close. I know camping in the mall isn’t allowed, but didn’t some people at the inauguration say they were there all night? What is the earliest the Metro runs from the outlying stations on a Saturday?

Thanks for the comment Jeannette, it was my pleasure.

As to the answer to your question, I’m not a frequent rally goer so I wouldn’t really know. But if I’m guessing correctly, you’ll have to there pretty darn early to be near the stage.

So the Metro doesn’t start running until 7 a.m. in the morning, but I’m sure there will be people heading there way early than that. You’re not allowed to camp on the National Mall, but it is open to the public 24 hours a day, so there’s nothing to stop people from getting there at 12 am and standing around until the rally starts 🙂 I really think that’s what your’e gonna have to do if you want to be super close to the stage.

Thank you. Now here is one more, if I may – I know you and everybody says don’t drive, take the Metro, but if I wanted to go in the wee hours of the morning how should I go about it. Are there cross streets through the mall as it looks like in the maps or are these all closed off? On someone’s VRBO apt. rental ad they said that there was parking nearbythe mall, even valet parking. Could that possibly be true? Maybe if I got there before morning traffic the parking wouldn’t be full yet and it might be possible. I’m dreaming aren’t I? Hopefully, there will be half a million people there and I guess I’m just crazy.

Hi Jeannette, here’s what one site have to say about parking near the mall:

The streets you’re referring to are probably Madison and Jefferson, which runs along side the Mall and the museums’ entrances. You are allowed to park there for free on weekends, but only up to two hours. And they usually block those streets off for special occasions. Even if they don’t block it off, you’ll probably won’t find a parking space, even if it’s way early in the morning.

But you can certainly try it if you must drive. Head that way first, see if you can get on to Madison or Jefferson, and if so, see if you can find a parking spot. If it’s blocked off or no spaces are available, head to the Union Station parking garage and park there instead for $6 – $19.

Good luck!

Great Job
Thank you I have been looking for something like this, first time to DC First time I went to a Rally since College ….a few decades ago…

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